How to Clean Tencel Bed Sheets


How to Clean Tencel Bed Sheets

Tencel, a fabric made from natural wood pulp cellulose, is the primary material used for eucalyptus sheets that is increasingly popular nowadays. However, it's still new enough that many people aren't entirely aware of how to care for it properly.

What's the best method to wash, dry, and store a set of Tencel sheets in particular? We'll take you through the process of washing Tencel sheets in this article.


Tencel bed sheets

What's the best method to wash, dry, and store a set of Tencel bed sheets? In this article, we'll take you through the process of washing Tencel.

What are Tencel Bed Sheets?

Tencel is a type of sheet fabric that gets its name from the Tencel brand. It's usually made from eucalyptus wood pulp and is frequently compared to silk because it's so soft and smooth. Tencel sheets are commonly used by people who want to sleep on natural materials or enjoy durable fabrics resistant to easy tearing and wrinkling.

Sloomy’s Tencel bedding collection is hypoallergenic, making Tencel sheets beneficial for those with allergies since Tencel is naturally resistant to dust mites. Furthermore, Tencel has some antibacterial properties, which can help keep germs at bay on Tencel bedding products.

Washing Tips For Tencel Bed Sheets

Since Tencel bedding products are very durable, they can be washed in the washing machine. However, this does not mean that you should just toss them into the washer without preparing them properly first.

Step 1: Separate sheets from pillowcases. Separate the top sheet and flat sheet from their corner pleats, tucking them inside one another to minimize creasing. Fold the pillowcases like you would a towel.

Step 2: Put sheets in a mesh laundry bag before laundering. Ensure that all of your Tencel bedding products are inside a mesh washing bag, and make sure it is zipped up or done up tightly with an elastic, so the sheets don't slip out during washing.

Step 3: Wash on cold with mild detergent. Fill your machine with hot water and wash on cold with a gentle clothing detergent. Never use bleach on Tencel bedding because it could damage the product's fibres and decrease its durability.

Step 4: Press out excess water. Press out the water with your hands to remove as much moisture as possible.

Step 5: Dry on low heat settings for a long time. Tencel bedding products should be dried on the lowest temperature setting for at least an hour before removing them from the dryer. They should retain some dampness while drying, so they don't wrinkle or shrink excessively, but don’t take them out too soon as they may develop mildewed spots. 

This is not harmful to your sheets, but it can exacerbate allergies and lead to unpleasant odours in your home. 

Also, don't use high heat settings because this could cause discolouration of Tencel sheets and may cause them to shrink.

Step 6: Finish with your preferred fabric softener. After sheets have been allowed to dry for several hours, refresh the fabric before they're entirely dry by sprinkling a few drops of your preferred liquid fabric softener on top and tumbling them again.  

This will help your Tencel bedding products retain as many of their original properties as possible.

Remove from the tumbler after drying is complete and fold Tencel sheets as usual. Ensure that you store them in a cool, dry place so that they don't wrinkle between uses or develop musty odours due to high humidity levels or poor air circulation.

Storing Tencel Bed Sheets

Fold Tencel bed sheets in a manner that will prevent them from wrinkling while they are stored. For example, fold them in thirds lengthwise and then roll up the long, narrow strip of Tencel sheets to resemble a cylinder.

Keep Tencel sheets in a cool, dry place where they won't be exposed to sunlight or damage from moisture or bugs.

Never store Tencel bedding products together with mothballs because this could cause stains that may become permanent over time. Instead, use their own preferred fabric softener for gentle protection against moths and other pests.

Final Thoughts on Taking Care of Your Tencel Bed Sheets

It is easy to take care of Tencel Bed Sheets. Tencel bedding products are very durable and made from a naturally hypoallergenic material that doctors often recommend. Tencel sheets can last for many years when cared for properly, so there's no need to worry about purchasing expensive Tencel bedding anytime soon.

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