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Standard Pillow Cases (Pack of 2)

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Your bed sheets should be washed at least once every two weeks; however, your pillow cases should be washed weekly. Leaving it longer can lead to bacteria and skin cell build-up, which can eventually cause breakouts and affect your health.

This doesn’t mean that you must hurry and wash and dry your pillow case, so it’s ready for that same night. That causes stress, and isn’t it boring reusing the same pillow case over and over again? You deserve to have an array of pillow case choices.

Having a range of pillow case colours in your cupboard means you can style up your room however and whenever! Are you feeling earthy? Choose green. Want to float away down a river? We have an ocean blue for you. Desire to float on a cloud or rest upon a storm? Our storm grey and pearl covers are perfect.

Why eucalyptus?

Some nights you need to flip your pillow over to get the cold side continually, or you may ditch your pillow all together!

Our eucalyptus pillow cases are specially designed to regulate the temperature, wick away your sweat, and, thanks to the anti-bacterial qualities of eucalyptus, prevent bacteria's growth. This means you don’t have to flip your pillow over for the ‘fresh’ side continually! Your skin and health will also be protected!

How good are they on my skin and hair?

Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, our eucalyptus pillowcases help fight against acne-causing bacteria and dirt build-up. The silkiness of the fabric helps reduce wrinkles, and the fibre is so fine the cases protect your hair and skin instead of micro-tearing your skin and hair.

Micro tearing of your skin happens when the fibres of the material are course (e.g. cotton) and catch on your skin. Your hair can also be caught on these fibres, leaving your hair with split ends and tears along the shafts.

Our eucalyptus pillow cases not only help keep your skin healthy and happy but keep your hair shining and healthy as well.

Eucalyptus vs linen:

 Beddings are available in different fabrics, but the most popular ones are linen and eucalyptus because of their exceptional benefits. 

Eucalyptus bedding is hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, and soothing, making it a good option for bedding and mattress covers. They are made from spun eucalyptus trees' pulps that turn them into fibres called Lyocell. 

On the other hand, Linen bedding is made from the cellulose fibres from the stalks of the flax plants. You can distinguish linen from eucalyptus bedding through the slight knobbles and knots in the fabric, one of the factors for its roughness.

Eucalyptus sheets are made in an eco-friendly process involving 95% water and non-toxic, reusable solvent leaving silky smooth, biodegradable bedding.

Linen is only sustainable if it is made from 100% flax linen. If it is not, chances are it has synthetic material mixed in or been made using processes that are not eco-friendly.

Eucalyptus bedding is an excellent choice if you want the best for your skin. Eucalyptus has hypo-allergenic, antifungal, and non-toxic properties. Besides that, it is as soft as satin, preventing wrinkles and acne on the skin.  

While linen can have similar properties, research must be done to ensure you are getting the linen quality you desire. There are many different linen varieties around, so finding the exact one you want can be challenging.

Eucalyptus sheets are the way to go if you are looking for smooth, silky, and soft bedding. Linen is light and breathable; however, it can be pretty rough on the skin leading to uncomfortable sleep.

When it comes to washing, linen requires much more consideration and care, which can become a hassle, especially if there is a stain. Eucalyptus, however, is easy to wash and can revert to its former condition without shrinking.


In conclusion, eucalyptus fabric is the choice to go with when looking for bedding. It is safe for your skin, hair, and health, and they allow for temperature regulation. Thanks to their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and their moisture-wicking abilities, bacteria and mould cannot grow.

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