How to Care for Your Eucalyptus Sheet Set


How to Care for Your Eucalyptus Sheet Set

It's crucial to know how to care for your bedding, especially if you're using delicate materials that you aren’t used to. Eucalyptus Tencel fabric is not that difficult to care for and wash as long as you know what products to avoid and things you shouldn't do. It's one of the reasons eucalyptus sheet set is an investment.

In this article, we will focus on discussing how to take care of your Eucalyptus Sheet Set. Let's start by answering all your frequently asked questions:


eucalyptus sheet set
In this article, we will focus on discussing how to take care of your Eucalyptus sheet set.



Will my eucalyptus sheet set get ruined when I wash it?

No, as long as the instructions we provide below are followed, your sheet set and duvet covers will remain in excellent condition.

Should I wash my eucalyptus comforter or dry clean it?

The good news is that they can be laundered in the washing machine. However, because a sheet or duvet cover is thicker than your other bedding, be sure your washer has enough room. If you don't have a big enough machine, an industrial washer or shipping it out to a laundromat could be a better alternative.

Is it okay to machine-dry my eucalyptus sheet set?

Yes, you certainly can! In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to use the proper settings.

How to Wash Your Eucalyptus Sheet Set: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Do a spot treatment for any stains before sending it into the machine.
    1. Using a stain removal spray, your favourite detergent, or a bleach-free stain solution can be done.
    2. If the stains are caused by oil, we recommend pre-treating the area with baking soda to absorb the oil. Spot treat for 30-45 minutes, then wash as usual.
    3. If cosmetics cause the stains, follow the methods under the oil stain option, especially if your makeup is oil-based. If you don't have any baking soda, dishwashing liquid works well as a spot solution for persistent makeup stains.
    4. If the stains are caused by wine, use dishwashing solutions and hydrogen peroxide to remove them. This will work as a treatment on white sheets, but we do not recommend using this method to remove wine stains from our sheet sets or duvet covers. Allow up to an hour for this to rest before washing.
  2. Select your wash options. TENCEL Lyocell, the fabric used to make this bedding, is best washed at a lower temperature, such as warm or cold. 
  3. Always check. Do not dry it if any stains remain after the wash cycle! This should be re-treated and re-washed. Drying the sheets will just bake the stains in if they don't come out the first time.
  4. Make your detergent selection. We recommend using soft, eco-friendly detergents. However, they may be washed with any laundry soap. Our Eucalyptus Sheet Set should not be softened with fabric softener.
  5. It's recommended to allow it to air dry. However, this comforter may be tumble dried. When doing so, be sure to use the lowest setting possible. Air drying is also an option for our duvet inserts.

Final advice?

Make sure to wash your beddings as needed. This is a question of personal opinion; some customers prefer to do this every time they wash their other bedroom essentials (pillowcases, comforters, duvets), while others prefer to do it once or twice a month.

We recommend keeping them in a cold, dry area while not in use, especially after washing. If you have a favourite bedding scent, such as relaxing lavender or a special home spray, sprinkle your comforter with it every now and again.

We hope you found this instruction on washing your eucalyptus sheet set helpful! This sheet set goes excellent with our sumptuousEucalyptus Euro Pillowcase and Duvet Cover if you haven't bought them already.