Eucalyptus Euro Pillowcase: The Answer To Your Acne Problem


Eucalyptus Euro Pillowcase: The Answer To Your Acne Problem

Acne is a global phenomenon, affecting more and more people of all ages, races and sexes. Although it's common knowledge that acne is generally caused by dirt on your face – which can be cured by washing – some may not know the deeper reasons why they keep getting acne. 


For those of you who want to know the real cause or think that perhaps the problem isn't really dirty skin, this article will give you some insight into what might be going on with your skin condition.


European pillowcase
Learn more about how sleeping can affect your acne problems and how Eucalyptus European pillowcases can help!


Two Reasons Why You're Getting Acne:

Using a Dirty Pillowcase: The human body produces approximately one litre of new skin cells every day, and the old ones are redistributed on the area where you sleep, a.k.a., your pillow and sheets.


Because your face has more exposure to the air than others, it's only natural that dirt will accumulate over time on your pillowcase, especially if you live in a polluted environment (or work outside). This accumulation can irritate the skin condition and worsen its severity.


Even if you're not a sufferer of acne or another skin problem but simply have an oily complexion, chances are sleeping with a dirty pillow will make things worse. Our European pillowcases are made from eucalyptus, an all-natural plant that is antibacterial and odourless. It's also used in many acne treatments as it absorbs excess oil from the skin.


Using a Pillowcase with Chemical Residue On It:Even though your pillowcase may look clean on the outside, the chances are that if you've been using chemicals to treat your acne, then there will be chemical residue left on the surface of the fabric. You might not see this residue, but it can still seep into your skin while you sleep! This is why our eucalyptus euro pillowcases come with an exceptional finish to prevent such residues from passing through onto your skin while sleeping.


How Can a Eucalyptus Pillowcase Help?


Acne sufferers, this is the product for you. A eucalyptus pillowcase can help with your skin condition in several different ways:


1) It absorbs excess oil from your skin when you sleep and regulates the sebum flow to prevent further acne outbreaks and blackheads.

2) The soft material and stitching on our eucalyptus euro pillowcases are very gentle on your face, which prevents any irritation caused by hard materials such as plastic or foam. This benefit allows you to sleep throughout the night without waking up due to an uncomfortable pillow that irritates your acne lesions!

3) It's effortless to clean; you can machine wash it if needed.

4) It will last much longer than an ordinary pillowcase due to the high quality and durable material and stitching. With proper care, expect your eucalyptus euro pillowcase to last at least five years!

5) The eucalyptus trees used in producing these pillows have antibacterial properties that reduce acne breakouts and kill off any bacteria living on your skin that can cause chronic acne. This means you won't have another outbreak for a long time after using this unique pillowcase!


Final Thoughts

Although these benefits may not be noticeable overnight – depending on how severe your problem is – it only takes two weeks for users to see a noticeable improvement in their skin condition. If you sleep on a regular pillowcase, these benefits will be lost as the dirt and oil from your face will accumulate on the surface of your pillowcase. However, with a eucalyptus euro pillowcase – to give just one example – these benefits remain even after washing it several times!


AEucalyptus Euro Pillowcase is genuinely an excellent investment, especially if you have acne problems – it's refreshing to see unique products being developed for those who need them most, unlike generic "solutions," which can cost much more but do less.