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Included in your Eucalyptus Sheet Sets:

=>> 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.

Our Eucalyptus Sheet Sets are free of harsh substances that might harm your health and sleep. Our Eucalyptus Sheet Sets are 100% chemical-free and made using sustainable materials, making it breathable and cool, keeping you comfortable all night long. 


Why buy Eucalyptus Sheet Sets?

Have you ever wanted to lay down in a forest or be surrounded by nature but not leave the comfort and bug-free zone of your home? Bring the forest to your bedroom with our beautiful sage, charcoal, grey oat and white eucalyptus cover range!

The forest colours are an ideal addition to any bedroom style - match it with a dark wood headboard for a cosy look or go light with white walls to give it that fresh feeling.

Made from eucalyptus fibre, our duvet is soft, silky and smooth to touch. It's temperature-regulating, so it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer - perfect for year-round use!


Health benefit of eucalyptus

Tencel, or lyocell, is made from eucalyptus trees. It's a relative newcomer to the sheet industry. While sleeping on sheets made of wood cellulose fibres may not sound like they would be comfortable, they are among the most comfortable sheets out there and have been growing in popularity over the past few years. 

If you like a luxurious type of sheet, Tencel is your best pick. It has the same soft feeling that silk does. Whereas cotton is naturally stiffer, which creates a crisp feel; so, it depends if you prefer silky soft or crisp and stiff bedding.

Cotton isn't a hypoallergenic sheet. That means it doesn't do you any favours at decreasing the symptoms of any allergies or sensitivity you might have for mould, dust mites, mildew, or odour. 

Eucalyptus sheets, including our eucalyptus quilt covers, are much better alternatives for allergies or sensitivities. This is thanks to the hypoallergenic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. 



  • 100% Eco-friendly:  Our Eucalyptus sheet sets are made out of lyocell and manufactured using 96 % less water and 30 % less energy than cotton.

  • Incredibly Comfortable:  Our Eucalyptus Sheet Sets are made from soft and silky fibres, and very cool to touch.  

  • Thermo-regulating:  Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making them the ideal bedding all year.

  • Anti-wrinkle:  Our Eucalyptus Sheet Sets are wrinkle and crease-resistant. This is due to its toughness and durability, as well as its significantly rapid drying capability.

  • Pest-resistant:  The Eucalyptus repels bed bugs and dust mites, resulting in a much more sanitary and restful night's sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic:  Our sheet sets are made from hypoallergenic eucalyptus materials making it resistant to bacterial growth.

Care Instructions:

We recommend washing it once a week to prevent dirt buildup and on a gentle cycle to avoid damaging your sheet set. Lyocell is heat-sensitive, so you should avoid washing it with hot water. It's also why you shouldn't dry it on high heat and keep it out from direct sunlight when storing.

Australia Wide Shipping

Australia Post proudly delivers our amazing Eucalyptus sheet sets to all parts of Australia from our Sydney warehouse. Takes 2-6 Business days Australia wide.


Choosing a colour

Do you know why eucalyptus-green beddings and lilac pillows are popular in the market? These colour palettes inflict a subtle impact on your overall mood. Same with different hues, there is a perfect reason behind your dislike of yellow, your constant preference for black, and blue and white. Why not find your perfect colour amongst our silky eucalyptus bed sheet sets?


What It Resonates: Tranquility, Intellect and Safety

How It Affects Your Mood:The colour blue is associated with the sky, the ocean, sleep, and twilight. It's a hue that instantly lifts spirits.

Blue represents sincerity, inspiration, and spirituality to many. It helps us feel good about ourselves. Perhaps this is why the colour blue is frequently described as peaceful and quiet.

While sometimes, blue can also be perceived as cold and distant. This may create a feeling of unwelcomeness; it's wise to balance it with undertones.


What It Resonates: Nature, Prosperity and Stability

How It Affects Your Mood: Colours, like our Eucalyptus-green sheets, inherent calming nature is frequently used to decorate bedrooms. Green is also thought to be effective in preventing nightmares. This is because people associate this colour with nature, to which people often feel calm and relaxed.

However, too much green can cause people to feel lazy and moody! So be creative with your combinations!


What It Resonates: Romance, Hope and Adventure

How It Affects Your Mood: One of the strongest emotion-provoking colours. It makes you feel loved and highly passionate. So if you're planning to paint your walls to increase the level of passion inside your bedroom, this is the right colour.

However, it's not necessarily advisable if you prioritize relaxation and rest. This colour tends to raise blood pressure and heart rate. 

Because red is an intense hue that stimulates adrenaline, it will boost your energy level. When you choose a red tone for your room, it will elicit sentiments of enthusiasm. 


What It Resonates: Imagination, Royalty and Mystery

How It Affects Your Mood: This regal colour has a dignified and assertive presence. Purple is a colour associated with wealth, aristocracy, and good health. It has a soothing effect that has something to do with spirituality and mental perception. Pair it with our Eucalyptus fabric, you will feel like royalty. 

Purple will create a significant impact in any space, whether you employ it as a whole or as an accent. To create a majestic colour pallet, most other colours work with different tones of purple. Our purple sheet sets look great with jewel tones but also work well with lighter hues like soft yellow, pastel pink, or white.


What It Resonates: Strength, Sophisticated and Formality

How It Affects Your Mood: Another wonderful colour palette for people who want light and airy spaces in their bedrooms. Muted and light greys create a zen-like mood and can make a room appear larger.  

It signifies serenity and harmony, making it a good choice for those who have problems sleeping.Darker greys offer a more manly and sophisticated image, while lighter greys make a space seem peaceful and spacious. Luckily for you, our Eucalyptus sheet sets


What It Resonates: Resilience, Dependability, Security and Safety

How It Affects Your Mood: Brown is the colour of earth and trees, and add a sense of comfort and stability to a space. Having a sheet set in this colour can allow one to feel more down-to-earth and warm. Pair with ivory or green coloured pillows or throws.

With its earthy nature, it makes perfect sense to pair the colour with our Eucalyptus sheet sets. For women, it can provide a sense of safety and security, while for men it speaks of strength and maturity.


When decorating your bedroom, stick to green, purple, grey, and blue. 

Choosing the colours of your bed sheet set is the simplest way to bring life to your bedroom and help you achieve your desired mood. Whether you prefer soothing warm colours or something more refreshing and cold, understanding what works best with your lifestyle is all it takes to discover the appropriate colour. 

Once you've picked the perfect theme, get creative and add more bedroom essentials like our eucalyptus bedding and duvet covers.

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