Are You A Hot Sleeper? Eucalyptus Fibre Sheets Are Your New Friend


Are You A Hot Sleeper? Eucalyptus Fibre Sheets Are Your New Friend

There's nothing quite like getting into bed at the end of a long day. We begin to warm up under the blankets and reach the ideal temperature just in time to fall asleep. However, as the hours pass, everything continues to heat up, many of us begin to sweat at some point. This is why hot sleepers are now switching to eucalyptus fibre sheets.

It's common to feel hot when sleeping. Our body was designed to lower its core temperature at night and release excess heat. Sometimes it can be due to the humidity, room temperature, and one's mattress and bedding.

Night sweats, on the other hand, don't happen to everybody. When the body sweats excessively at night, this is referred to as night sweats. Menopause, certain medicines, malignancies, infections, hormone problems, neurological diseases, and other factors can all contribute to night sweats. 

We urge that you see a doctor to determine the actual cause of your night sweats.


Eucalyptus Fibre Sheets
Are you a hot sleeper? Our eucalyptus fibre sheets are for you! Experience cool and comfortable nights with Sloomy!

How Eucalyptus Fibre Sheets Will Help

Set up a pleasant, cool environment for an ideal sleep to aid with restless nights. Get a bedsheet that understands your ongoing struggle with night sweats and hot flashes. In other words, get a bedsheet that will keep you cool and dry so you can continue to get that much-needed rest.

Our eucalyptus fibre sheets were created mainly for hot sleepers who suffer from night sweats. Hot flashes are exacerbated if you use cotton sheets as it traps the heat all night long. This is why, when it comes to staying cool at night, bedding becomes quite crucial.

We want the heat to escape somewhere while we sleep, yet cotton is weaved in such a manner that it retains both heat and bacteria. This is why you get night sweats and that dirty-smelling linen in the morning.

Yet, our Eucalyptus fibre sheets are cool to touch and 3x more breathable than regular cotton sheets. The eucalyptus fibre is also well known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. When evenings are a little bit warmer and sweatier than usual, this will be very beneficial. Plus, eucalyptus, which is cultivated on sustainably managed farms, uses a quarter of the water that cotton requires to flourish, making eucalyptus sheets an environmentally beneficial bedding alternative.

Other Cooling Tips:

  • Set your room temperature to 16-20 celsius - This is the best room temperature when sleeping. You may use a ceiling or standing fan to improve circulation and create a more pleasant sleep environment if you want to avoid high energy bills.
  • Wear something breathable - Purchase breathable pyjamas. What you wear to bed might be interfering with your ability to get a good night's sleep. Swap out your heavy cotton and polyester sweatpants for silk, which are lighter and naturally moisture-wicking.
  • Stay hydrated and take a shower -  Staying hydrated (but avoiding hot tea or coffee before night) and avoiding activities will help you achieve a good night’s sleep. Also, though it may seem counterintuitive, taking a warm bath or shower before bed is one of the most excellent methods to reduce your body temperature. It will not only reduce your body temperature, but it will also induce relaxation, which will allow for better sleep quality!

To keep our body temperature normal and to get the best sleep, eucalyptus fibre sheets use one of our body's most fundamental mechanisms, thermoregulation.

Thermoregulation, or the body's internal temperature control system, is one of several physical and metabolic activities that your body goes through to prepare for sleep. Eucalyptus fibre sheets can help reduce temperature surges during the night.

We want to get rid of the sweaty, sticky mornings that leave us needing a cold shower and three espresso shots just to get through the day. Look forward to waking up rejuvenated every morning after a long and restful night's sleep with Sloomy.

Sloomy's Eucalyptus fibre sheets are made entirely of Tencel Lyocell in a heat-dissipating grid weave. To keep you sleeping all night long, check out our sheet sets and duvet covers. It will definitely give you the whole Sloomy experience, and you will no longer wake up in the middle of the night, sweating.

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