Why Eucalyptus Tencel Sheets Will Give You the Best Sleep Ever


Why Eucalyptus Tencel Sheets Will Give You the Best Sleep Ever

Eucalyptus Tencel sheets are a type of bedding derived from eucalyptus pulp, which is woven into sheets and then finished to become a soft, fluffy bedding item that many people find incredibly comfortable! 


The use of Tencel in bed-making has been growing over the years, and one question that gets asked a lot is, “what is Tencel?” Let us answer this question today by giving you various other facts about these exceptional sheets.


What is Tencel?

First, before we give you any other information on why Tencel sheets are so good for your health and wellbeing, it would be interesting to know what this material is made of. In other words, let's try to answer the question, "what is Tencel?"


Tencel sheets are made out of a material known as Lyocell. In other words, this is a type of fabric that has been manufactured from eucalyptus wood pulp cellulose fibre.


Think about it like this, what does wood do for us? Wood comes from trees which provide us with oxygen and help to make our air breathable. The same goes for Tencel sheets which come from trees and therefore allow us to have good-quality sleep by giving us clean air to breathe.


Eucalyptus Tencel

What exactly are Eucalyptus Tencel sheets? Let us answer this question today by giving you various other facts about these exceptional sheets.


What are Some of the Benefits of These Sheets and Why Should You Sleep on Them?

Many benefits come with using these sheets. We will give you some examples of the benefits below to satisfy your curiosity and interest!


Eucalyptus Tencel sheets are very breathable, which allows for excellent airflow. So, for people who suffer from night sweats, hot flashes etc., these sheets might be the best option for you to avoid sweating a lot while you sleep!


This type of sheet is also designed in a manner so it can absorb moisture from your body while you are sleeping. This means that you stay dry throughout your slumber! You never want to wake up because you are wet or sweaty ever again, do you?


The fabric is derived from trees! Therefore, there are no harmful chemicals that come from Tencel sheets. In other words, people who have sensitive skin and chemical allergies will not experience any redness, swelling or itching while using this type of bedding!


In addition to the fact that these sheets are eco-friendly, they are also very soft. You can sleep on them comfortably without feeling like your body is being squished into the mattress! This means less back pain for many people.


In other words, if you suffer from a chronic backache, then you might just want to try out Sloomy's eucalyptus Tencel sheets as soon as possible!


Consumer reviews have praised Sloomy's sheets because they don't shrink after washing as most cotton fabrics do. This is because of the beautiful Tencel fabric! Not to mention that cotton may fade after every wash, but with Tencel, your sheets will stay the same vibrant colour! 


These sheets are hypoallergenic, which means people who suffer from skin allergies won't have any reactions while using this type of bedding! Therefore, it is great for asthmatics and others who may experience issues when they breathe in certain chemicals or materials.


Tencel sheets are very durable! We all want our money to go a long way. So these days, we often look for value for money, if you know what I mean? Well, you can expect to use your Tencel sheets frequently without them ripping. In fact, this material is known as one of the most durable fabrics in the world.


Eucalyptus Tencel sheets have excellent insulation properties, which help reduce heating bills. This allows people who live in colder countries to save some dollars during wintertime because their bodies won't need to use so much electricity due to its thermo-regulating properties.


Final Thoughts on Tencel Sheets

Whether you are looking for new sheets or great pillowcases to match, you should try out Sloomy's eucalyptus Tencel sheets. They are the future of bedding, in our opinion! So what are you waiting for? Click on thelink below today before we sell out! You won't regret this purchase, we can assure you of that!