What Are Duvet Covers And How to Use Them


What Are Duvet Covers And How to Use Them

While duvets were originally made in Europe, they have started to gain a lot of popularity in Australia over the last few decades. However, if you're thinking about getting a duvet for your bedroom, you should also think about getting a duvet cover.

Duvets are made from various fabrics and are available in a wide selection of colours and sizes. However, Eucalyptus duvets have recently gained traction in the market due to their luxurious feel and cool-to-touch properties. 

The term "duvet" is derived from the French word that means "down." The soft, airy layer found beneath the feathers of a goose or duck is often used to fill a duvet. Other materials, like a down substitute, wool, or polyester, can also fill duvets. A duvet is a soft, top-layer blanket wrapped in a shell and covered by a duvet cover.

Sloomy's Eucalyptus duvet covers will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Our duvet covers will take your sleeping experience to a whole new level. It's made to regulate temperature by its breathable fabric. 

A duvet's shell is made to keep the fill in place and prevent it from bunching. A duvet cover protects the shell and filling of the duvet. Our duvet set includes a duvet insert and duvet cover; you can also check our eucalyptus bedding set for a complete Sloomy Experience!

what are duvet covers
Do you ever wonder what are duvet covers? In this article, we will talk about their use and why you need one.


Why Do You Need A Duvet Cover?

  • For extra protection: A duvet cover has one side that opens up so you can remove it, similar to a pillowcase. The opening can be secured with buttons, snaps, ties, or a zipper, ensuring the insert does not fall out. 

  • To keep the duvet insert clean for longer: Because they are commonly used without a top sheet, duvets require extra protection against body oils, sweat, and spills. Many duvets are challenging to clean or can only be cleaned by dry cleaning, which can be costly.

  • Considerably easier to wash: Duvet covers are often machine-washable and lighter and thinner than the duvet. To ensure that the duvet and cover are adequately cleaned, check the manufacturer's care instructions.

  • Look and style: A duvet cover may be a simple and very affordable way to change the aesthetic of your bedroom. Although most duvets are white or off-white, there are a variety of duvet cover alternatives to add a new pattern or splash of colour to your bedroom.

  • Softer and cooler to touch: By encasing a duvet with your eucalyptus duvet cover, it automatically gives you a more luxurious feel. It's smoother, more comfortable and most importantly, cooler!

How Do I Use A Duvet Cover?

The majority of duvet covers include buttons that you may use to secure your duvet cover over the duvet. Others feature ties or clips to keep the insert from moving or bunching up. Even so, some individuals have trouble keeping their duvets in place, but it doesn't have to be tough. All you have to do now is find out how to knot your duvet cover on at least two sides correctly.

Alternatively, you might not feel like using a duvet cover on some days, and maybe you put off doing the laundry until the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps it's simply too hot for your entire duvet, and you wonder if a duvet cover would suffice. The answer is yes. A duvet cover alone is a lightweight alternative compared to sleeping with a top sheet and duvet.

Duvet Cover Sizes

It's all a matter of personal taste when it comes to size. Most individuals in densely crowded urban areas such as Melbourne do not have enough room for a king-size. Although queen-sized beds are the most common, twin beds are ideal for youngsters and single individuals with little space.

It would help if you chose a duvet at least 30cm longer and 40cm broader than your bed, but the general rule of thumb is to get a duvet the next size up from your bed. So if you have a queen, getting a king duvet is the best fit. This can also help you have an extra-deep mattress, use a soft mattress pad, or have a companion that is continually snatching the sheets. If you want a fluffier bed, scale up with your insert and use a smaller duvet cover, but if you prefer a flatter, smoother look, use the same size cover and insert.

So what are Eucalyptus duvet covers for? It's a bedroom essential that will transform your sleeping habits, giving you a more comfortable and better sleep than you ever had before. Check out Sloomy’s range for the softest, most luxurious covers.