Top 8 Reasons Why Eucalyptus Duvet Covers Are Worth Your Money


Top 8 Reasons Why Eucalyptus Duvet Covers Are Worth Your Money

Whether you're switching to a more eco-friendly product or you're a hot sleeper looking to elevate your sleep, eucalyptus duvet covers are for you. You might have seen these in ads or at your friends' place, so you're wondering - "are they really worth it?"

When it comes to choosing the correct bedding, there are numerous variables to consider. Durability, comfort, affordability, and organic materials are frequently included. Since most consumers are now environmentally conscious, eco-friendly bedding products have grown in popularity.

Eucalyptus duvet covers and beddings have become a highly sought-after product due to the demand for environmentally sustainable and comfy bedding.

If you're still on the fence about whether or not to buy eucalyptus duvet covers and beddings, here are a few compelling reasons why it's one of today's most popular must-haves.

But before anything else, let's understand first what these duvets and sheets are made of:

Eucalyptus is a plant that is commonly utilized in the textile industry. It has quickly established itself as an ethical supplier of material for the apparel and bedding industries. Unlike other trees, eucalyptus trees are chopped rather than uprooted. This enables the trees to continue to develop. 

This is a very environmentally friendly and high-quality method of manufacturing bed sheets, duvets and pillowcases.

When eucalyptus is converted into duvets, it is first transformed into a soft fibre using the Lyocell process. This is why eucalyptus is known as Lyocell Tencel. This method employs a closed-loop sophisticated system that spins the pulp with a solvent (wood). 

This is a chemical solvent reused in these procedures, reducing water waste and protecting the environment. Eucalyptus duvet covers, sheets, and comforters, are also more sustainable than bamboo or cotton sheets.

Eucalyptus bedding is also a preferable choice for sleepers who have sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic. In comparison to conventional cotton sheets, eucalyptus comforters last a long time.


eucalyptus duvet covers

Still on the fence about whether to buy eucalyptus duvet covers and comforters? Know if they are worth your money!


Why Should You Buy Eucalyptus

1. Because we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, it's critical to ensure that our bedding is free of harsh substances that might harm our health and sleep. One of the best things about eucalyptus duvet covers and comforters is that they don't contain any harsh chemicals. 

The chemical used to manufacture these is an amine-oxide solvent that is used in the pulp refining process. This is a non-toxic solvent that can be recycled and reused up to 99% of the time.

2. Eucalyptus bedding has silky fibres that don't easily wrinkle or rumple. These fabrics are also very cool to touch, making them an excellent choice for bedding, especially for those with sensitive skin.

3. Many specialists believe that the quality of your sleep has an impact on your overall health. Eucalyptus duvet covers and beddings are made in such a way that improves your sleep quality. 

4. Eucalyptus duvet covers and comforters dry faster compared to cotton and bamboo. This moisture absorbing property is very important for hot sleepers who sweat a lot when they sleep.

5. No one wants hot, non-breathable sheets in the summer, and no one wants freezing, stone-like bedding in the winter. Thankfully, the breathability of eucalyptus duvet covers and comforters is one of the reasons why they are popular nowadays.

Our eucalyptus duvet covers and comforters have thermo-regulating properties that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making them the ideal bedding all year.

6. You'll need a pillowcase with a very low static charge if you want your hair to look fantastic night after night. Eucalyptus Tencel offers a lesser electrostatic charge due to its exceptional moisture management capabilities, allowing you to keep your hair undamaged night after night.

7. Bacteria and unwelcome guests such as dust mites thrive on bedsheets. Because regular cotton sheets aren't very good at wicking away moisture, bacteria can gather and create various problems, including acne and allergies.

Fortunately, the quick-wicking quality of our eucalyptus duvet covers and comforters decreases moisture in your bedding, making bacteria growth unfavourable.

8. Who doesn't enjoy the feeling of silky-soft bed sheets against their skin every night? Eucalyptus is naturally extremely soft and has a silky feel, making it ideal for bed linen that is both calming and relaxing.

Sleep is vital to every person's life; that's why we want to have the most comfortable sanctuary, complete with all the bedroom essentials. If you are overheating at night, your sleep can become disrupted. Eucalyptus duvets covers, mattresses, and mattress toppers can help you avoid overheating and get a good night's sleep.

These are just some of the fantastic reasons to jump on the Eucalyptus train. The sustainability and the comfort that our Eucalyptus duvet covers and sheets provide means the best value for your money.