Is Eucalyptus Safe For My Pets?


Is Eucalyptus Safe For My Pets?

Our Sloomy clients have the most adorable pets we've ever seen, and we're not exaggerating. We appreciate our clients' pets and want to do everything we can to keep them safe. The most common question we get about our eucalyptus sheets is whether or not they're safe for pets. To that, we reply a resounding yes! Eucalyptus sheets are among the most animal-friendly bedding available. 

Whether it's your cat or dog, or any other animal you share your bed with, our eucalyptus sheets are guaranteed to please. Our linens are suitable for both adults and children, as well as cats and dogs.

Our natural eucalyptus sheets are constructed entirely of natural eucalyptus fibres, which are hypoallergenic and non-irritating by nature. In addition, none of our products includes any synthetics or harsh chemicals. That means our sheets are constructed from some of the most environmentally friendly materials available.

Is Eucalyptus Safe For Dogs
In this article, we will discuss why Sloomy’s eucalyptus bedding collection is safe for your pets. 


What is eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is a leafy plant that grows in Australia and its neighbouring islands and is now also available in a variety of different places. The plant's leaves produce oils commonly utilized in essential oil products and for therapeutic purposes.

Many pet owners are concerned about these leaves and oils. Let's look at why.

Is it safe for cats to eat eucalyptus? Is eucalyptus also safe for dogs?

Cats and dogs can be poisoned by the leaves and oils of eucalyptus trees. But when properly treated, wood pulp or stem pulp material will not harm dogs or cats.

Is it okay for my pet to lie on bedding made of eucalyptus?

Yes! Our Eucalyptus collection bedding is created from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees and plants, which means we only utilize the animal-safe component.

What if my puppy consumes eucalyptus?

Please be careful for those of you who are all in with eucalyptus and have essential oils in your house. If your pet ingests eucalyptus or any oils, household items, skincare products, or medications containing eucalyptus, we recommend contacting your local veterinarian as soon as possible. 

The oil contains a chemical component that is highly damaging to the gastrointestinal health of dogs.

If this occurs and you notice your pet vomiting, has diarrhea, is abnormally exhausted, or has other gastrointestinal problems, contact your vet immediately.

Is there any oil or unprocessed leaves in Sloomy's eucalyptus sheets?

No, our bedding does not include the oil or unprocessed leaves of the eucalyptus plant/trees. In the production and manufacturing of our bedding, we solely utilize wood pulp. 

Are Sloomy sheets safe for dogs to use?

They are, indeed! Sloomy's eucalyptus bedding is safe for the whole family to enjoy, and yes, that includes our furry friends.

How about my cat?

Cat owners frequently tell us that their cats are allergic to eucalyptus and are concerned about our eucalyptus bedding. Our eucalyptus sheets are hypoallergenic and unscented, so your cat is completely safe from the sheets. 

We break down eucalyptus fibres during the milling process with an organic, chemical-safe solvent, which eliminates any contaminants to the eucalyptus. The result is a hypoallergenic cloth that is safe for humans and animals such as cats. There is no eucalyptus aroma; thus, there are no unpleasant side effects.

How Eucalyptus Luxurious Sheets Will Make Your Pets Happy

Many of the same reasons that our clients adore our bedding also apply to our dogs. Our bedding's softness and cool-to-the-touch texture will make your dogs feel at ease whether they're just relaxing or sleeping in bed with you. 

It's also fantastic for your pets' fur and hair because it's static-free. This means that it doesn't attract dog hair and makes it cleaner for longer.

Our eucalyptus bedding is safe for dogs because of another reason; it's hypoallergenic. You read it right; some of our furry friends are allergic to things, too, not just us humans.

You may provide your dogs with a nice, comfortable atmosphere that is safe and non-toxic as long as they avoid full eucalyptus plants, eucalyptus leaves, and eucalyptus oils.