How to Have a Blissful Sleep Every Night


How to Have a Blissful Sleep Every Night

Is there anything more irritating than tossing and turning all night because of uncomfortable sheets? Some of us even spend most evenings moving our pillows to the cooler side. No wonder eucalyptus cooling sheets are now gaining traction among hot sleepers and ordinary sleepers alike. 

When it comes to sleeping, some of us frequently feel that the temperature in our bed makes it impossible for us to have a good night's sleep — it was either too hot or too cold. Many often wake up soaked in sweat, blankets stuck to your skin. 

Fortunately, a simple and easy solution is now available in the market! Eucalyptus sheets are getting more and more popular nowadays. Our eucalyptus sheets are 100% organic, and made of Tencel Lyocell guaranteed to improve your sleep by helping to keep your temperature cool and regulated!

The quality of your sleep has an influence on your overall health, and poor sleep can have long term detrimental impacts. Thus eucalyptus sheets were made in such a manner that will improve your sleep quality: there are no harmful products used, and the fibres are antimicrobial and antibacterial. 

It's very breathable and cool, making you comfortable all night long. You will never wake up in sweat again, and your frustrations will be a thing of the past due to its temperature-regulating property. 

You may be wondering - aside from good night sleep, how do the cooling eucalyptus sheets set themselves apart from other sheets?


eucalyptus cooling sheets

Tired of waking up in the middle of the night because of the heat and sweat? Well, we have the answer for you!



It's More Comfortable

No matter how environmentally sound lyocell is if they are uncomfortable - no one will use it. Part of the reason it gained popularity is that it's more comfortable than your ordinary sheets. 

These sheets are incredibly soft, similar to what you'd experience if you slept on rayon or silk. Eucalyptus' cooling impact also contributes to a restful night's sleep. The cloth is cool to touch, which is excellent for hot sleepers or for people who sweat a lot during night time. 

These sheets are resilient, despite their luxurious feel. Wash after wash, year after year, they'll look great. Because of how long these sheet sets endure, you definitely get your money's worth.

It's Non-Toxic

Being in bed should be a time of comfort and relaxation, and no one should have to worry about being exposed to harmful chemicals while doing so. The most common forms of bedding, such as cotton, are made with harsh chemicals that are harmful to your health and can reduce the quality of your sleep. 

On the other hand, Eucalyptus sheets are ecologically friendly because they are made using a natural process. The chemical used in making this is an amine-oxide solution that is used in the pulp refining process. This is a non-toxic solution that can be recycled and reused up to 99% of the time during production.

It's Eco-Friendly

I believe we already mentioned that eucalyptus cooling sheets are eco friendly, but here is the reason. Compared to sheets produced from animal-based materials or polyesters, eucalyptus sheets have a naturally permeable fill and shell fabric.

Because of the breathability of these comforters, you may sleep at a more regulated and controlled temperature. 

Consumers have begun to pick more eco-friendly alternatives in conjunction with their home appliances and bedding as environmental concerns have risen to the forefront of numerous global crises.

It's Anti-Wrinkle

Eucalyptus cooling sheets are wrinkle and crease-resistant. This is due to its toughness and durability, as well as its significantly rapid drying capability. The sheets may go straight from the dryer or the washing line onto the bed without ironing. 

Even if the sheets are somewhat wrinkled when you initially put them on the bed, the heat from your body should be enough to remove them. You'll also appreciate the convenience of silky sheets that don't bunch up and make sleeping uncomfortable.

It's Pest-Resistant

Another benefit of eucalyptus is that it repels small insects that can infest mattresses, linens, and other undetectable materials to the human eye. Dust mites may be found almost anywhere and are a health risk for allergy sufferers and people suffering from respiratory diseases. 

Bed bugs attack you and consume your blood while you sleep, leaving unpleasant bites. The use of eucalyptus sheets to repel bed bugs and dust mites will result in a much more sanitary and restful night's sleep.

Luxury and comfortability are combined in one sheet. That's what you'll get when you purchase one of our Eucalyptus Cooling Sheets sets. Good night sleep is the perfect gift for yourself. Visit our shop now!