Eucalyptus Duvet Covers vs Comforters: What To Buy?


Eucalyptus Duvet Covers vs Comforters: What To Buy?

If you are reading this, you might have stumbled upon our wide selection of beddings and wonder, what is the difference between Eucalyptus duvet covers and comforters? Some may argue that they are merely the same, but there is one primary difference which you should know.


Duvet Covers and comforters are two different types of bedding that serve "almost" the same basic purpose. They keep you warm at night, but some crucial differences between them will affect your choice of which to buy.

Eucalyptus Duvet Covers

Torn between our eucalyptus duvet covers and your standard comforter? This article will provide a clearer picture of their differences and advantages. 



What Is A Comforter Exactly?

A comforter is a form of bedding typically made from cotton, polyester, or down. A comforter is a flat piece of material that can be stuffed with other materials to provide warmth.


Quilting is used on comforters to keep the contents (usually synthetic fibre or down feathers) from moving. This ensures that the fill is uniformly spread and that you are comfortable while sleeping.


Comforters are available in various colours and designs and are frequently sold in a set. On the other hand, the size of comforters is a significant disadvantage. Have you ever attempted to wash a queen-size comforter in your home washer?


You're staring down the barrel of a tragedy. As they say, life happens.


It's doubtful that your comforter will remain as spotless as the day you bought it. Sure, you can do some spot cleaning, but that's precisely what spot cleaning is: cleaning spots. Frequently, you will discover that your entire comforter requires a general cleaning.


The duvet cover is the next step. But, hold on a second... whence did the term "duvet" originate? Why not refer to it as a "comforter cover?" To get an answer to that question, we'll journey to Europe.


What Are Duvet Covers?

While the origins of duvet covers are not entirely known, it is believed that they originated in France. In French, a duvet cover is called a "douillette," and this name might be where the term duvet comes from.


A duvet cover is essentially a protective barrier for your comforter. It does not contain feathers or other fill and instead provides an added layer of warmth and comfort to your already fluffy comforter. 


Duvets can come in any fabric design to match your bedroom's interior décor because, unlike their cousins, they do not have quilting stitches sewed into them.


The versatility of duvet covers makes them easy to clean (wash machine friendly). Without all of the stitching, it is simple to remove stains. Protecting your comforter has never been this easy.


What's Special About Sloomy's Eucalyptus Duvet Covers?

Aside from its prominent edge from comforters, Sloomy offers a wide variety of duvet covers crafted from the eucalyptus tree. Eucalyptus is a natural material that is sustainable, breathable, and naturally resistant to moulds and mildews.


Yes, your regular comforters can keep you warm on a cold night. However, Eucalyptus duvet covers can do that too and more. It will regulate your body temperature throughout the night, keeping you cool when you are hot and warm when cold.


Also, it wicks moisture very fast, allowing your body to stay dry while effectively breathing. It is an all-natural, green material that will keep you comfortable while being earth-friendly at the same time.


Final Thoughts

To sum everything up, you can choose between the two or buy them both. Duvet covers will be your comforter's barrier against dirt and grime. It's easier to clean; throw it in the wash, and you're done. Sloomy's eucalyptus duvet covers will make sure that your bedding is sustainable, breathable, and comfortable for any occasion.


Comforters are a staple bedding accessory, but if you add Sloomy's eucalyptus duvet cover—you will transform your bedroom into a place of relaxation and comfort. You will be able to sleep more comfortably knowing that eucalyptus fibres are keeping you warm while regulating your body temperature throughout the night.


So before you go shopping for comforters or duvets, be sure to take the time to learn the difference between them so that you are not disappointed by your choice later on. After all, Sloomy only has the best Eucalyptus Duvet Covers to offer.


We hope this article helped clarify what comforters are, what duvet covers are, and how they are different.