7 Things to Know About Tencel Fitted Sheets


7 Things to Know About Tencel Fitted Sheets

Tencel Fitted sheets are designed to fit snugly over your mattress. They are not the same as flat sheets, which are meant to lie flat on top of your bed. But how else does it differ from any other sheets, and how is it used?


This article will discuss the things you need to know before buying a fitted sheet and why Sloomy's fitted sheets are the best option for you.


Tencel fitted sheets

This article will discuss the things you need to know before buying a fitted sheet and why Sloomy's fitted sheets are the best option for you.


1. What they are made of

Fitted sheets come in various fabrics, including cotton, satin, silk and synthetic blends. However, if you want to take advantage of the added comfortability fitted sheets give, it's best to try Tencel fitted sheets. They keep you warm in the winter and cool during hot summer months. Read on as we discuss this in detail later. 


2. How they're different from flat sheets

Unlike a flat sheet, a Tencel fitted sheet is not to be tucked beneath one end of your mattress. Instead, it is designed to fit tightly over your bed and stay in place all night long. The seams on a fitted sheet should never come apart or unravel either since they are stitched together with strong threading. 

As an added precaution against fraying, many manufacturers add a strip of thick stitching along the edge of the material that comes into contact with the bed frame. It holds up well against wear and tear.


3. Size

Tencel Fitted sheets are available in the same size options as your mattress. Twin, full, queen and king sets come with two fitted sheets.


4. How to use them properly

No matter what size fitted sheet you choose to buy, the process of putting it on your bed is the same. First, spread one side of your sheet over your mattress and smooth it down, so there are no wrinkles or uneven spots. 


Then, reach under the opposite side of your mattress with both hands to gather up enough material for tucking. Go beneath the rest of the mattress, too, so everything stays snug. Now you can pull this section taut by grabbing onto any excess fabric that you see hanging down off each side of your mattress.


5. How to keep them in place

To keep fitted sheets in place all night long, tuck them firmly around your mattress pad (if you have one) and then use safety pins to close up any open areas where the sheet might shift around or come loose. This is especially important if you frequently move around when you sleep or tend to kick the covers off when you are feeling warm at night.


6. How to care for them

Tencel fitted sheets should be washed in cold water with your regular laundry detergent and then hung up to dry since putting them in a hot dryer can cause the material to shrink or pill over time. 


If there are any loose threads after washing, snip them away with sharp scissors before hanging your sheet up again to finish drying. Leaving tencel fitted sheets in direct sunlight for too long can also make colours fade faster, so try to hang them someplace where they will not get bleached by the sun's rays over time.


7. Additional uses for them

Fitted sheets can also be used on children's beds or for covering futons. They are thicker than flat sheets, and they do not come untucked, so they provide better protection against cold drafts at night.


Why are Eucalyptus Fitted Sheets the Best?

When finding the best fitted sheets, people will always ask why eucalyptus fitted sheets are better. Basically, when looking for the right set of sheets, three things need to be considered: 


Material Quality: You want your sheets to be soft and not too thin or thick when you sleep. Since everyone has their preference when it comes to this factor, make sure whatever material you choose allows for a comfortable night's rest without giving you allergies or making you sweat too much. 


Pilling: If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night with your hair being tangled up in a weird mess, you know what we are talking about here. The last thing that any person wants to deal with is getting their hair stuck in something as they rest, and tencel fitted sheets will help prevent this from happening during the night. 


Durability: Nobody wants to constantly buy new sheets every few months because those old ones just won't stay together on the mattress anymore. This applies mainly to people who tend to move around when they sleep or if you simply don't want to wake up in a crinkled mess each morning due to having several people use the same bed throughout the night.


The great thing is that Sloomy's eucalyptus tencel sheets have all the properties mentioned above. In addition, eucalyptus fitted sheets are the best because they are made of all-natural materials. 


This means there is no risk for allergic reactions, but at the same time, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable night's sleep without having to worry about sweat or becoming wrapped up in knots at night. Check out more information on Sloomy's eucalyptus Tencel fitted sheets here:Sloomy.com.au.